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Expansion Valve

The expansion valve removes pressure from the liquid refrigerant to allow expansion or change of state from a liquid to a vapor in the evaporator.


Liquid Receiver

Liquid Receiver in the course of servicing makes use of a quantity of refrigerant in the system, the less important. Sometimes, receiver, built-in in the lower end of the condenser. Most receivers have service valves.

Thin copper mesh at the outlet prevents from dirt refrigerant control valves. Liquid receivers are often found in systems that use the low side of the float or expansion valve type of refrigerant management.

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Filter Driers

Filter-driers are a key component in any refrigeration or air conditioning system.

A filter-drier in a refrigeration or air conditioning system has two essential functions: one, to adsorb system contaminants, such as water, which can create acids, and two, to provide physical filtration.

Evaluation of each factor is necessary to ensure proper and economical drier design.

Moisture Indicator (5).jpg

Moisture Indicator

Liquid/moisture indicators include a sensitive element which changes colour from green to yellow according to the percentage of moisture in the system.


Oil Reservoir

Oil receivers are designed for temporary storage of unused refrigeration system oil.

Oil Separator.jpg

Oil Separator

A device for separating lubricating oil from compressed gas or exhaust water vapor.

An oil separator is an element of most gas (vapor) compression and transfer installations. A similar device, which is used in compressor plants for trapping oil and water, is called a water and oil separator.

The operation of an oil separator is based mainly on the use of the difference in the values of the inertial forces (primarily centrifugal forces) acting on drops of oil and the considerably less dense particles of their gaseous environment.


Suction Accumulator

Suction line accumulators main purpose is to deliver refrigerant to a compressor only as a gas. All units with flooded evaporators need this item, as well as system with overheated evaporators to prevent liquid refrigerant accumulation in suction line.

Apart from liquid separation suction accumulators provides oil return to compressor. Suction accumulator using provides protection from wet compression and hydroblows, guarantees mechanical intactness of the cooling system.

Vibration Isolator_edited.jpg

Vibration Isolator

Vibration isolators are installed on commercial refrigeration and civil and industrial air conditioning systems to eliminate transmission of vibrations generated by the compressor to the pipes in the circuit. They also reduce noise and compensate for slight thermal dilation.


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