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Fin Comb.jpg

Fin Comb

A fin comb, also known as a coil fin tool, is a specialty tool used to straighten the bent fins of a condensing unit for an air conditioning or heat pump system.

Manifold Gauge (2).jpg

Manifold Gauge

This A/C Manifold Gauge Set is designed to test conditioning systems by comparing the “high side” and “low side” pressure reading to the manufacturer’s A/C system specifications. This A/C Manifold Gauge Set can be used to test, evacuate and fill air conditioning systems.

Silverr rod.jpg

Silver Rod

Torch Head.jpg

Torch Head

Specifically designed for trade use in all conditions, brass body. High temperature pressure regulated flame. This torch is perfect for the hard to get at jobs – under sinks, under house and roofs.

Tube Cutter (2).jpg

Tube Cutter

A tube cutter is a type of tool used by plumbers to cut pipe.

Besides producing a clean cut, the tool is often a faster, cleaner, and more convenient way of cutting pipe than using a hacksaw, although this depends on the metal of the pipe. There are two types of pipe cutters.

Flaring and Swaging Kit.jpg

Flaring & Swaging Kit

Copper tubing flaring tool copper tubing swaging kit in a combination tubing flaring/swaging kit to fit all your needs.

Manual Oil Pump.jpg

Manual Oil Pump

Used to manually pump oil into the compressor or the system.

Spring Bender.jpg

Spring Bender

The spring tube bender permits the bending of small  diameter  tubing  by  hand  without  collapsing  the tubing.

Tube Bender.jpg

Tube Bender

Used to manually bend soft drawn copper tubes without deforming the shape of the tube and prevents the formation of sharp bends.

vaccuum pump.jpg

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. Vacuum pumps are combined with chambers and operational procedures into a wide variety of vacuum systems.

Sometimes more than one pump will be used in a single application. A partial vacuum, or rough vacuum, can be created using a positive displacement pump that transports a gas load from an inlet port to an outlet (exhaust) port. Because of their mechanical limitations, such pumps can only achieve a low vacuum


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